Recent OIS Commissions

Celebrating MO Artistic Directors Tiffany & David’s NDT II & Ballet BC creations! ‘Fathoms’ & ‘Strange Attractor’ were researched with Modus Operandi students and premiered Spring 2022.

Dancers: Annika Verplancke and Artists of NDT 2. Photo: Rahi Rezvan



to measure the depths,
to understand,
to recover distances between us,
to contend with undertow,
and to remember the buoyancy of the human heart.

Dancers: Artists of Ballet BC. Photo: Michael Slobodian


Strange Attractor

There is a mysterious cycle of too much and not enough – of nothing and everything to lose. It’s inside and all around us. The motion of this system repeats, never exactly, but in variations. Two points that are near each other at one time will be far away at another time, in a continuous figure 8, threatening chaos and monotony. We can’t rationalize our shadow out of existence just like we can’t measure time, pain, or love, but they are all strangely tethered together – looping in predictably unpredictable variations in our system and in the cosmos.”