Workshops & Auditions

There are no-one day auditions coming up at this time.

Sign up to attend a free MO workshop in Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver, including contemporary dance, improvisation, and repertoire. Both workshops will be led by Tiffany Tregarthen & David Raymond, Artistic Directors of Out Innerspace Dance Theate and Modus Operandi, and are for serious dancers ages 17 and up.

Each workshop also offers an opportunity to audition for the post-secondary professional training Modus Operandi season 2023/24. We strongly encourage dancers interested in auditioning to attend multiple workshops or intensives when possible as an introduction to the program environment, methods and expectations while building a relationship with the directors. Please note your intention to audition when signing up for a workshop.

MO welcomes auditions from serious, advanced dancers between the ages of 17 and 25 who are passionate about continuing their dance education through a rigorous post secondary training program. Each year, approximately seven to ten new dancers are invited to enrolled in MO.

Intensives & Auditions



July 31 – August 4, 2023, 10am – 3pm

Location: Q7 Studios, 77 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver BC V5T 1M4



March 15 – 18, 2023 (4 days), 10am – 2pm

Location: Q7 Studios, 77 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver BC V5T 1M4


Due March 17, 2023

The MO Spring & Summer Dance Intensives attract aspiring and emerging professionals ages 16 – 30 from across Canada and abroad. Out Innerspace’s Artistic Directors David Raymond, Tiffany Tregarthen and Kate Franklin offer an inspirational dance experience in which contemporary dance technique, improvisation, movement generation and current company repertoire make for challenging and rewarding exposure to new methods and ideas. Additionally, the directors offer Q&A sessions to answer students questions and share their international performance and choreographic career experience.

Spring and Summer Intensives

The intensives are ideal ways for dancers to audition for the full MO program, and to get a sense of the environment and values. Upon signing up, please note your intention to audition and fill out the full application accordingly. There is no audition for the intensives. Participants must be serious experienced dancers who can participate in full-time rigorous dance activity. Registration is first-come-first serve and space is limited. Participants who do not intend to audition are also welcome to participate in either the Spring or Summer Intensives.

I want to audition for the MO Full Program through one of the Intensives. Which one should I attend?

Serious applicants are strongly recommended to audition through the Spring Intensive. The MO leadership team will send out the first round of offers following the Spring Intensive relative to how many qualified applicants they identified through the audition. You are welcome to audition through the Summer Intensive, but we can not guarantee how many spots, if any, will be left to offer in the MO Full Program at that time. If you have further questions about auditioning, please contact us at

Video Audition

It is highly recommended that serious applicants audition for the full program by attending the spring or summer intensive in Vancouver. For those who cannot, video auditions may be submitted on or before March 17, 2023.

Learn more about the full video submission requirements by visiting the Audition tab on the MO Full Program page.