OIS Artist in Residence

OIS Resident Artist, Khoudia Tourè will be back in the Fall of 2022. Khoudia will continue research for her new creation with MO alumni and current MO students. We look forward to welcoming her back and a work in-progress showing to follow her Fall Residency! Stay tuned for more details.

Recent OIS Commissions

Celebrating MO Artistic Directors Tiffany & David’s NDT II & Ballet BC creations! ‘Fathoms’ & ‘Strange Attractor’ were researched with Modus Operandi students and premiered Spring 2022.

MO Year-End Show

June 8, 9 & 10 2022 Join us in celebrating our MO Students’ hard work this past year. They will be performing new creations by artists including: Zahra Shahab, Brandon Alley and Yin Yue. Location: ANNEX  823 Seymour Street